Bloodhound Working Trials

The Association of Bloodhound Breeders
Established 1897

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Bloodhound Working Trials

The working trials secretary

  • Trials

    The Committee have sadly had to cancel the spring working trials due to the on going Covid 19 situation.

    *The Kennel Club Registration Number or Authority to Compete Number (hounds registered outside the UK) must be stated or the Entry Form will be returned

    Trials Schedule
    Trials Entry form

    Down load procedures

    The Association of Bloodhound Breeders plan for holding Working Trials safely under the current Covid-19 virus pandemic. Issued in August 2020.

    This will be updated in line with guidance from the Kennel Club and Government nearer the event.

    The Association of Bloodhound Breeders

    Procedures to be followed at working trials to reduce the risk of spreading Covid 19

    On the 15th August the Kennel Club issued its operational plan for the resumption of licensed events. The committee met by Zoom to discuss if the October working trials could be managed under these guidelines and the current government restriction. Providing the following condition are met then trials can proceed.
    The continually changing regulations both nationally and locally means some extra flexibility and adaptability will be key to hold a safe event.
    In addition to our normal risk assessment the following additional conditions will apply.

    Please read the following carefully.

    Before leaving home
    All competitors, officials, volunteers and spectators must undergo a self-assessment for any COVID-19 symptoms. No-one should leave home if they, or someone they live with, has symptoms of COVID -19 or tested positive, they should self-isolate in line with government advice.
    Currently recognised symptoms are any of the following:
    - A high temperature
    - A new, continuous cough
    - A loss of, or change to, their sense of smell or taste

    Competitors not able to attend due to Covid restrictions will receive a full refund of entrance fee

    Over 70's
    The advice for clinically vulnerable groups has changed. If you are in this group you could be at higher risk of severe illness from coronavirus. Although you can meet people outdoors and indoors, you should be especially careful and be diligent about social distancing and hand hygiene.

    The risk assessment considers the number of people involved in trials and the potential of person to person contact and person to object contact. The following changes will be made to mitigate these.

    At the meet for each stake 
    - The road marshal is the Covid safety officer and responsible for ensuring the guidance is followed.
    - To support the NHS test and trace scheme everyone’s details will be recorded and kept for 21 days.
    - Temperature will be checked and a series of Covid related questions will be asked.
    - Social distancing of 2m should be observed. Where this is not possible mask must be worn.
    Everyone must provide their own masks and sanitiser.
    - Vehicles must be parked at the meet and in the convoy to allow social distancing to be observed. 
    - Attendees should travel to starts and finish of lines in their own vehicles whenever possible.

    Stake managers and road marshal
    - Wipes and hand cleanser to wipe door handles and hard services between transporting judges/competitors. Face coverings should be worn in these instances as per government guidelines.
    - Maps should be prepared well in advance and kept in a sealed folder until needed.
    - Plastic bags will be provided for handlers to put scent articles in.
    - Only one person should open the gate to the start of a line. Spectators should avoid leaning on gates etc.
    - Lunches and refreshments will not be served.
    - Flags will be used once and then placed in the used bag. Once the hound has left the field the flags should be collected wearing gloves.
    - Field gates should be opened by one person.

    Line Walkers
    - Scent articles should not be handkerchiefs or gloves and not kept in pockets where
    - they may come in contact with tissues or handkerchiefs. They should be disposable.
    - Strips of fabric will be available for line walker during the week.

    Judges and assistants 
    - Observe social distancing,
    - Sanitise before writing out certificates. Not handle trophies.
    - Lunches will not be provided.
    - The summing up will be in an outdoor space.
    - The trophies will be displayed after being wiped with sanitiser and collected by the winner from the table.
    - No shaking hands.

    - Observe social distancing of 2m where this is not possible you can mitigate the risk by where a mask.
    - Avoid leaning on gates etc

    Hunt Supper will not happen.

    To help manage the trials safely number of people attending will be limited to 30.

    The Kennel Club required a number of these points to be included in the schedule. As these have already been sent out the catalogues will contain them

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    The Kennel Club has recently approved the following changes to the regulations for working trials and Bloodhound trials which will come into effect on 1 January 2021.
    Deletion in italic, insertions in bold

    The below regulation has been amended to make it easier for trial societies to accommodate the minimum distance at with the leash must be dropped when the hound is making an identification.

    Amendment to Regulation I(C)1
    TO: ‘Handlers who choose to work/hunt their hounds leashed must drop their leash within a minimum of
    200 yds/183m 300yds/275m of the line up, so that a natural identification takes place that is free from any handler interference.‘
    (Effective 1 January 2021)

    The below regulation has been amended to allow for self-nomination when applying to become a championship bloodhound working trial judge. Additional amendments were made to make it clear what was required when applying to become a championship judge.

    Amendment to Regulation I(C)7.a
    a. Societies must apply to the Board for approval of all judges at Championship Bloodhound Trials at least six months before the date of the Trials. All first time Senior Stake judges must be applied for a minimum of eighteen months before the date of the Trial on the form provided.
    Individuals may apply to the Board for approval to award Championship Bloodhound Working Trial Certificates for the first time, provided that the judge has fulfilled the minimum criteria in accordance with Regulations I(C)7.b., I(C)7.c. and I(C)7.d. Subject to approval judges would be included on the list of Approved Championship Bloodhound Working Trial Judges.

    b. On
    application for a person’s first appointment to award a Kennel Club Bloodhound Working Trial Certificate, the nominee must meet the following minimum conditions which apply are:
    Criteria On application a A person must:-
    c. At the time of judging a first Championship appointment the judge must
    (1) have judged at least three stakes, not at the same trial, at Kennel Club licensed Bloodhound Trials.

    d. c. Additionally judges appointed to officiate for the first time must
    (2) have completed and passed a Kennel Club Bloodhound Regulations and Judging Procedure examination on The Kennel Club Academy and have attended a Kennel Club
    Planning and Managing of Bloodhound Trials Seminar and passed the assessment.
    (Insertions in bold) (Effective 1 January 2021)

    The below regulation has been added to reflect the additional requirement for judges to have passed the relevant examination every five years.
    Amendment to Regulation I(C)8.b

    b. All judges must have completed and passed a Kennel Club Bloodhound Regulations and Judging Procedure examination on The Kennel Club Academy every five years since passing the Regulations and Judging Procedure examination. This Regulation is effective from 1 January 2022.
    (Insertion in bold) (Subsequent paragraphs to be renumbered)(Effective 1 January 2021)

    Meets for Trials.

    Novice Stake -
    Junior Stake –
    Intermediate Stake –
    Senior Stake –

    Entry fees can be paid on line via pal pal. Please write paid by PayPal on the entry form.

    Use the drop down menu to select the number of entries to be paid for.

    Please include you name on the PayPal form so we can identify payment.

    Entry fees for members

    Entry fees for non members

    Risk assessment for trials
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  • Brough Cup

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    The Brough Cup
    The Brough Cup was first held in 1926 at Savernake in Wiltshire on the 16th November. The trophy was presented by Mr Edwin Brough. It was previously known as the Bloodhound Challenge Cup, originally presented to the Kennel Club by the ABB in 1897 . Mr Brough had won it three times with Ch. Babbo in 1897, 1898 and 1901, this entitled him to keep it. In 1926 he presented back to the ABB as the prize for working trials. Mr Brough was keen to promote the ability of bloodhounds to hunt long cold lines. The lines are aprox. 3 miles long on 6 hours cold.

    More interesting facts and pictures about the history of the ABB can be found in the book written by Fred Daniels for the ABB and available only from the ABB. The photograph above came from this book. It can be purchased for £5 plus UK postage of £3.

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    2019 Brough will be held on the 24th November in Yorkshire at The Aldby Park Estate, Buttercrambe.

    Judge Keith Long
    Assisted by Alan Taylor
    Manager Jane Crease
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    The two competitors for 2019 Brough Cup.

    Marksbury Panacea
    Dog Whelped 15/08/10
    Marksbury Scribble - Marksbury Maidenly Br. Mrs. S. Emrys-Jones
    Owned by Mr. B. W. & Mrs. H. B. Sands,

    Handled by Kevin Sands

    Rache Centurion
    Dog Whelped 23/07/13
    W/T Ch. Cammonstone Justice - Rache Dame Br. Mr. A. Taylor
    Owned by Mrs. J. & Mr. G. Cook.

    Handled by Mr. G. Cook

    Congratulations to

    Marksbury Panacea handled by Kevin Sands for winning the Brough Cup.

    Rache Centurion handled by Graham Cook was awarded a certificate of Merit.

    Both hounds will now compete in the Bracken Trophy on the 15th December.
    3 miles long 12 hours cold.

    Thank you to Keith, Alan, Jane, Steve and Richard for making it happen.

    This is a report from the Times News Paper about the first trials in 1898, Yorkshire
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  • Bracken Trophy
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    The Bracken Trophy

    The Bracken Trophy was first suggested as a stake of 12 hours cold and 3 miles long to be held between the Brough and Marlwood Beaker. The concern by the committee of the time was that the line would need to be walked in the dark and it was not until 1986 that it was introduced.

    The trophy was donated by Fred Daniels and his son Chris. It takes its name from Fred's first Bloodhound Gaidheal Bracken, 1962-75. This hound was the 8th generation from the Dumfriesshire out cross and had Dual Champion Easebourne Tarquin on both sides of his pedigree. Tarquin was owned by Mr Arthur Langdale, vice president 1966-77.

    This will be competed for on the 15th December 2019 by :

    Marksbury Panacea
    Dog Whelped 15/08/10
    Marksbury Scribble - Marksbury Maidenly Br. Mrs. S. Emrys-Jones
    Owned by Mr. B. W. & Mrs. H. B. Sands,

    Handled by Kevin Sands

    Rache Centurion
    Dog Whelped 23/07/13
    W/T Ch. Cammonstone Justice - Rache Dame Br. Mr. A. Taylor
    Owned by Mrs. J. & Mr. G. Cook.

    Handled by Mr. G. Cook

    North Dalton, Yorkshire

    Meet: The Wolds Inn, Huggate. YO32 1YH 9.30am first line 10am

    Warter Priory Estate
    Courtesy of Mr W. Healey

    North Dalton Manor
    Courtesy of Mr R. Byass

    Unfortunately on prizes were awarded. Both hounds worked very hard but the wind won out.
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    Thank you to Phil Davis from North Dalton for these lovely photographs of Shiloh and Steve Day for walking the line in the dark.

    Clarence's line was walked by Chris Wade of North Dalton. First time line walking and in the dark. Thank you to every one who made this possible and The Warter Priory Estate and North Dalton Manor.

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  • Information about Trials and Judges

    Hunting the Clean Boot

    Bloodhounds can hunt the clean boot at competitions from 12 months old. It is something they enjoy and is a pleasure to watch. They need a permit to enter competitions and the procedure to obtain one is outlined below.

    Training can start long before this and there are members around the country who can give guidance on getting started.


    Hound and handler


    The Association encourages members to train their hounds to hunt the ‘clean boot‘. This is vital if the breed is to maintain its accepted prowess at hunting a human quarry on a cold line.

    Before competing at Working Trials, hounds have to obtain a working permit.
    The Association of Bloodhound Breeders now has a standard procedure in place for the testing of hounds for working permits to enable those interested to compete in the twice yearly Champion Bloodhound Trials. The procedure for a hound applying for a full permit remains the same. The hound will be asked to hunt a line one mile long, half an hour cold, going across country and if possible hunting through farm stock, in particular sheep. The hound will also be required to be seen running free through sheep.

    A hound holding only the first part of a permit, who comes back at a later stage for a stock test, will be asked to fulfil part two of the procedure.

    Part Two of the permit - the Stock Test - requires the hound to hunt a line half a mile long and half an hour cold, through a substantive number of sheep, without chasing or worrying the sheep. After successfully hunting through the sheep the hound is then taken back into the sheep unleashed and some of the sheep are driven across in front of the hound. The handler must remain silent and the hound must not chase the sheep.

    Application for a permit test must be made in writing to the Secretary. Telephone applications will be accepted but written confirmation must be sent to the Secretary before the test takes place. The Secretary will then make arrangements with an approved judge and inform the owner of the hound accordingly. A Working Permit card will be sent by the Secretary to the Judge concerned prior to the permit test unless the hound already has part one in which case the owner must take the permit card to the test. The Judge will be asked to report back to the Secretary the result of the test.
    A.B.B. and B.C. permit cards are not to be mixed, a hound must have both parts approved by the same club.

    The Association has a number of experienced judges with access to sheep in sufficient numbers for stock tests. The Secretary will endeavour to use a venue as convenient as possible for the handler but this will depend on circumstances prevailing at the time.

    A judge may ask a handler to remain silent during a stock test
    Hounds can take Part One of the working permit after they reach the age of six months however hounds must be twelve months old before they can take Part Two of the working permit.
    Should a hound fail its stock test there will be a one month cooling off period before the hound is re-tested. It is preferred that a re-test, especially for the stock test,should be carried out by the same judge whenever possible. This procedure should also be followed in the case of a hound that has had its full permit revoked.

    Permit tests are free to members of the Association, there is a £10 fee for non members.
    Approved Judges for the A.B.B. Are:- Any experienced and active Judge approved by the Association.
    (ABB February 2017)

    Working Trials Regulations

    map of members
    ready to go

    start of a line

    To become a Judge at working trials you need a love of hounds and the outdoors what ever the weather. The clubs will encourage any one interested in training from being an assistant to the judge through to Senior stake judge.
    A great way to find out more is come to trials and follow the working hounds.
    just checking

    Judging at Bloodhound Trials.

    The criteria for judging at Bloodhound Trials are changing from 1st January 2019. The old classroom seminars for rules and regulations and planning and management will no longer be held.
    To begin judging.
    A judge must;
    Have the support of the committee
    Have carried out at least 4 assistant appointments
    Have gained experience and helped in the organisation of trials, training days and prestigious stakes.
    Have successfully completed the Kennel club rules and regulations exam on the Kennel Club Academy on line.
    Have successfully participated in a planning and management assessment day organised by the Bloodhound Accredited Trainers.

    From the 1
    st January 2019, candidates must successfully pass the rules and regulations exam on the Kennel Club Academy website. There is a £26.00 joining fee which is payable by candidates. This is comparable to the £25.00 classroom seminar fee and of course incurs no travelling expenses. A guide for Bloodhound trial judges, which gives you all the information and facts you need, can be downloaded from the Kennel Club website
    Candidates who successfully complete the rules and regulations exam need to attend a planning and management assessment day. This is a practical assessment and entails getting out and about and organising a mock trial. Maps, stooge handler and hounds are provided and the delegates work together to plan the day, organising the lines, line walkers and judging the competitors.
    This is followed by a question and answer session. The first planning and management assessment day is to be held on SATURDAY 27
    th APRIL 2019.

    Criteria for Judges

    Judges and assistants
    Each year the Association of Bloodhound Breeders will call for nominations to the lists (you may nominate yourself if you wish) and, after any questionnaires have been completed, the voting will take place as usual with the votes counted by an independent returning officer.
    If you are interested in judging, the Association recommends that you start a portfolio with details of your relevant experience which can then be used for reference when filling in questionnaires.
    We would remind aspiring judges that the lists are valid for only one year at a time and that inclusion in a list in one year does not necessarily ensure inclusion in future years. Nominations should be sent to Hon Secretary by 26th October each year.

    Judges list

  • Results
    Autumn 2019 Morebattle
    Spring 2019 Brocklesby
    Autumn 2018 Thixendale
    Spring 2018 Stow on the Wold
    Autumn 2017 Tibthorpe
    Spring 2017 Hoddam and Kinmount
    Autumn 2016 Mindrum
    Spring 2016 Sledmere
    Autumn 2015 Brocklesby
  • Morebattle 2019 photographs
    Photographs courtesy of Ann Freer, Joy Cook
    Photographs from Novice day
    Judge Robin Bell-Irving

    Novice day
    Doris and Frankie
    Edge coming in
    Margaret coming in
    first place

    Photographs taken at on Junior Day
    Judge Graham Cook
    start of line

    Photographs taken on Intermediate Day
    Judge Ann Freer
    Intermediate winner
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    Photographs taken on Senior Day
    Judge Richard Turnbull

    spectators and puppy
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