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  • Training

    Show Judging

    Breed Education Coordinator (BEC)

    Lorraine Priestly has taken on this role for both the ABB and Bloodhound Club and the appointment has been approved by the Kennel Club.

    Over the next few months Lorraine will start to get things moving. Check here or on the show page for information.
    For more information please email

    If you are interested in a breed seminar please let us know.

    Breed Education Coordinator
    for Bloodhounds.
    Dear all judges at any level and potential judges.
    As you may be aware the JFC has been put on hold, whilst a review is being untaken. There have been many changes in the process of judge’s progression over the past five or so years, just when it seems you have got to grips with what is required it changes and bits are added or removed.
    One thing that does remain constant is that the information held by both the ABB and Bloodhound Club needs to be correct and accurate and this can only be so if the information they hold/ are given is up to date.
    So although the actual process is under review, this does not stop the information gathering and checking, plus it gives some space to ensure everything is correct. With that in mind, I as the BEC for both ABB and BC would like to get the lists etc up to date.
    If you could please take the time to send me an up to date show judging CV (email or post) I can begin this task, collate all the information along with both ABB and BC judges list criteria to get all the lists as accurate as it can be.
    If you are currently on the list but want to add a stipulation i.e. maximum travel distance then again let me know, so this information can be logged and you will only be contact by appropriate societies. This will not only help get people onto the correct lists and hopefully move them along, but also help clubs/ societies when looking for a judge.
    I have had calls from societies asking for help in finding judges, as they are finding it difficult to fill appointments. Hopefully if there is an up to date list this will make it easier all round, especially open shows who we need to help new judges get the hands on numbers they require, and the societies need to know who they can contact.
    I am also looking for Mentors with Championship judging experience to help guide up and coming judges.
    You will need to be a supportive, encouraging and understanding, there is no need to live local to the person you are mentoring as this can be conducted over the telephone or email, it is the ability to share your knowledge that counts.
    There have also been a few people asking about attending a Bloodhound judging seminar, with hope of beginning their judging career, I am afraid it does come down to a matter of cost; we do need to have enough people attend to cover the basic costs of venue, as the people who help out give their time and expertise for free, so this can only be put in place if people show an interest, if you are interested either let myself know or contact the ABB or BC

    Many thanks for your time and help
    Lorraine Priestley
    Windmill Hill Farm Cottage
    Steeple Claydon
    MK18 2EN
    Email -

    Bloodhound Trials Judging Seminar

    The criteria for judging at Bloodhound Trials are changing from 1st January 2019. The old classroom seminars for rules and regulations and planning and management will no longer be held.
    To begin judging.
    A judge must;
    Have the support of the committee
    Have carried out at least 4 assistant appointments
    Have gained experience and helped in the organisation of trials, training days and prestigious stakes.
    Have successfully completed the Kennel club rules and regulations exam on the Kennel Club Academy on line.
    Have successfully participated in a planning and management assessment day organised by the Bloodhound Accredited Trainers.

    From the 1
    st January 2019, candidates must successfully pass the rules and regulations exam on the Kennel Club Academy website. There is a £26.00 joining fee which is payable by candidates. This is comparable to the £25.00 classroom seminar fee and of course incurs no travelling expenses. A guide for Bloodhound trial judges, which gives you all the information and facts you need, can be downloaded from the Kennel Club website
    Candidates who successfully complete the rules and regulations exam need to attend a planning and management assessment day. This is a practical assessment and entails getting out and about and organising a mock trial. Maps, stooge handler and hounds are provided and the delegates work together to plan the day, organising the lines, line walkers and judging the competitors.
    This is followed by a question and answer session. The first planning and management assessment day is to be held on
    SATURDAY 27th APRIL 2019.

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  • News and Events


    The Kennel Club has recently approved the following changes to the regulations for working trials and Bloodhound trials which will come into effect on 1 January 2020.
    The below regulation has been amended to ensure that protected stewards are adequately protected and that dogs are trained to bite on the right arm, in the interests of safety.

    Amendment to Regulation I(C)1.  Method of Handling

    Although implicit obedience is necessary, dogs and handlers must operate in as free and natural a manner as possible; persistent barking, whining, etc. in any exercise other than location of person or speak on command should be penalised. The handler must not have food or a toy on their person whilst the dog is being tested. In any exercise where the dog is required to bite a protected steward (protected consistent with safety), it must be on the right arm. Any indiscriminate biting must be severely penalised.
    (Insertion in bold)
    (Effective 1 January 2020)
    The below regulation has been amended to ensure that a hound makes a natural identification to the satisfaction of the judge, without interference or encouragement from the handler.

    Regulation I(D)1. Bloodhound Working Trial Certificates.

    A Kennel Club Bloodhound Working Trial Certificate may be awarded to a Bloodhound winning a Senior Stake without assistance at a Championship Bloodhound Trial if it has clearly identified the runner to the satisfaction of the Judge or Judges. A hound will be considered to have made a satisfactory identification if it is seen to approach and clearly select the runner from a group of three people at the end of the line. Handlers who choose to work/hunt their hounds leashed must drop their leash within 300 yards of the line up, so that a natural identification takes place that is free from any handler interference. Judges may award a Certificate of Merit in all stakes to any hound not being placed which has given a good performance.
    (Insertion in bold)
    (Effective 1 January 2020)

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    Please tell us about your news worthy bloodhound

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    Discover Dogs

    Hilary and Morris Dean attended Discover Dogs at ExCel London in October to represent the bloodhound breed. They took along their two hounds and had a great weekend. Between all the attention the hounds received they were able to snatch a few pictures to give us a flavour of the show.

    Thank you for representing the breed

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  • Litters
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    Litters currently available

    When buying a puppy please follow the guidance on the Kennel Club website.

    Getting a dog

    Graceminster Bloodhounds




    TEL... 01937 831333

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